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progressive jazz rock fusion 
JazzBros! is a trio of accomplished, full-time professional musicians playing a progressive mix of tightly arranged jazz, fusion and rock music.  And having fun, doing it!


Live At  Riverhouse Jazz
with Special Guest Renato Caranto, Tenor Saxophone

"Georges, you are the best to work with. Thank You"
--Ben Edel Manager, Currents at The Riverhouse

"Georges is a fabulous musician, teacher, person and promoter."-Marshall Glickman,  Producer
                                             Mt. Bachelor/Riverhouse Jazz 

"After having him playing solo jazz piano for us for every major holiday for the past eight years prior to COVID--
what more could I say?"
--Samuel Johnson, GM
                                                          The Oxford Hotel Bend

Opening For Brubeck Brothers at Oxford Hotel Bend "LIVE".  with SPECIAL GUEST: CJ Neary, Violin.

JazzBros! "Live"Mercy, Mercy
00:00 / 04:20
JazzBros! "Live"-Masquerade
00:00 / 02:55

Live At The Oxford Hotel Bend

JazzBros! "Live"-Afternoon In Paris
00:00 / 01:48

Live At The Oxford Hotel Bend With SPECIAL GUEST: Randy Brecker, Trumpet


Georges Bouhey




For eleven years previous to COVID JazzBros! was the house band for the "Jazz At The Oxford" workshop series in Bend, OR.  The band "backed-up" and performed with many international Jazz greats including Randy Brecker, Mel Brown, Kat Edmonson, Dianne Schuur, Bernard Perdie and The Brubeck Brothers.

With the advent of COVID in 2020 I relocated to Eugene and started rehearsing.   And, I'm excited to be back in my  home town and to be  playing with Niels and Don---two of the finest and busiest--full time professional musicians...period.

 Georges Bouhey-Producer/Keyboards/Drums
       Writes and arranges most of the material.  He 
        has recorded & performed throughout the US                    & Canada.  All styles of music from jazz to
        symphony orchestra to country and bluegrass to              rock & back.
    Niels Miller-Bass
         Absolutely one of the most "syle prolific"                          bassists in the PNW.  He's played pretty much 
         every style--and WELL!  And, that's a large part of
         why he is the perfect bassist for the Bros! 
    Don Elkington-Drums
        "Layin' it down, so it don't get back up"!                            That's the style that keeps him performing
         and recording 150-175 nights a year with all
         musical styles. And knowing all those
         different styles is what makes these
         three "brothers" one happy family.


Please download the complete bio for more information. But hearing from you directly is always best.  You can call me at 541-771-8916.---Georges

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