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"Georges---NOBODY plays it like you!"--Mason Williams (Classical Gas, SNL)

"I am always happy when I know you're playing piano "cause I know we'll be really busy and I'll make a ton of tips"---Ted, Head Water, Flatbread.

"Hey, you guys should listen to Georges.  He knows what he's talking about!

 --Josh Nelson (Natalie Cole, Tom Scott)

"Hey Georges, you guys are really good!"--Randy Brecker (Blood Sweat & Tears, Brecker Bros.).

"Georges, you're the best to work with! I love your piano and we want you back again for

next year's New Year's Eve"--Ben Edel, Manager, The  Riverhouse  

“Georges is a fabulous musician, teacher, person...and promoter. He is dependable, professional and personable...knows how to attract an audience, and keep them coming back for more!” --Marshall Glickman (Executive Producer, Mt. Bachelor Riverhouse Jazz)

"Well, he's been practicing a lot and sounding really good.  I just hope he didn' wear his brown shoes with black slacks for the picture"--Georges' Mom

"Georges, I love that little Gretsch kit of yours. Thank You!"--Bernard Purdie   (Aretha Franklin, Steely Dan).

"He has  played solo piano for us for every major holiday that we promote for the past 8 years, and heading into the 9th year.  Need I say more?---Samuel Johnson, GM  The Oxford Hotel

"Damn sound like Jim Keltner or somebody"

--Andy Armer  (Rise, Herb Alpert)

"Hey man, keep practicing like that and you'll be as fast as Buddy one day"--Sal Marquez (Frank Zappa, Tonight Show Band

"Georges, you asked me to test 3 pair of the new drumstick line you're developing.  I like both "The Longride" and the "Bouhey Bolero".  They feel great and I could play those sticks. 

I think another drummer might be better suited for the "Hot Whacker" stick.  Love the designs and keep me posted."--Brian Blade (Wayne Shorter)

"Plaaaay those brushes, Georgie"--Ms. Dianne Schuur

"Georges, I love you're arrangement of "Groovin' High".  Can I get a copy of it?--Mel Brown, Legendary Drummer and "Gentleman of Jazz".

"Georges has a great feel"--Bruce Fowler (Frank Zappa,)

"Georges--GREAT Job!"--Gary Owen, "The Diamonds"

"Georgie...I 'sho does love that back-beat you keep"--Floyd Dixon, Legendary R&B Pianist ("Hey Bartender").

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