Featuring Joseph Espinoza-Tenor Saxophone

I thought-"Someone upstairs is playing 'Trane records"

But when I heard the same lick several times, with embellishments, I knew it was the real thing.  You see, I was just breaking down my drums from a very late session the night before at Gary Brittain's "Eclectic Tracks"  studio.

There are apartments upstairs above the studio and I raced up the first, second and finally the third flight of stairs to find that horn.  

Then, from a third floor room came that pure, beautiful tone!

The Bros! are...

   Joseph Espinoza-Saxophones

   DC Olson-Basses

   Walker B. Turner-Guitars

   Georges Bouhey-Drums/Keyboards

And The Extended Family...

   Gerry Rempel-Guitar

   Joel Bouhey-Guitar

   Mike Tracy-Harmonica

   Gaye Lee Russell-Vocals

   Mike Traithen-Engineer

   Gary Brittain-Engineer

Produced By Georges Bouhey for Twenty20 Recordings

I'm a full time professional musician practicing, creating, performing and teaching in beautiful Bend--the heart of Oregon's high desert, 

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